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Loads the data and produces scientific graphs
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Analyzes the data provided by the research analysis and creates scientific graphs. Supports importing, visualizing, manipulating, plot generating, and 20 independent and 20 dependent y variables in a single plot. Any changes that affect the plot will automatically be reflected in the output graph.

KaleidaGraph is intended mainly for scientists as well as other business and engineering specialists who need to statistically process data and generate graphs to illustrate their results. The program is probably not as easy to use as other popular general-purpose data managing tools; however, its advantages make it a convenient alternative.

The program’s design follows the common workflow that consists in importing, editing, managing and analyzing data. After this, the next step is to create the desired graphics by plotting the results. You should begin by entering data into a data window, which comes with enough columns and rows to accommodate the input. Yet, it can be customized to fit larger sets. It is also possible to import records from Excel files.

The data entered can be easily analyzed using various statistical equations, including mean, standard deviation, root mean square, standard error, variance, skewness and kurtosis. Likewise, it supports performing various tests, such as Anova, Wilconxon, Kruskal-Wallis and Friedman. Statistics can be calculated on single columns or the selected range.

Just as its name suggests, the main asset of this product is its ability to create a wide array of high-quality graphs. In this regard, it is possible to generate linear, stat, bar, polar, pie and function graphs. What is more, you can use and create templates for those types of graphs you need to use repeatedly.

All in all, KaleidaGraph is more convenient than other general-purpose spreadsheet and graphing tools as it allows entering complex data and generating more customized graphs. The product is constantly being updated with new features, which proves its developers’ intentions of meeting the needs of the users. It is shareware and can be tried without limitations, but it is only usable for a limited period of time.

Pedro Castro
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  • Multiple types of complex graphs
  • Imports data from Excel
  • Performs various statistical equations and tests
  • Generates high-quality graphs


  • More difficult to use than other general-purpose software
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